5 Stylish Living Room Ideas You Hadn't Try

Need proof this earth-friendly hue can be equally as pretty as reliable? Brown, a color often associated with safety and security, can make for the most beautiful living room spaces if you embrace it.
But if your mind automatically drifts to brown painted walls, let's change gears. You can effortlessly layer in this sturdy color in an infinite number of unexpected ways.
From sleek credenzas to hardwood ceilings and entirely brown painted rooms, here are 20 stylish brown living room ideas you hadn’t thought to try.

Skip White Window Casing and Baseboards

Cathie Hong
If you prefer rustic, old-world craftsmanship or a prairie-style look, stick to natural, stained wood for your window casings and baseboards (instead of painting each white).

Install Brown Paneled Walls

Brown living room
Looking for a classic look that delivers high drama? Design a brown accent wall with paneling. This ideal backdrop can house artwork or help out a dull wall that's in desperate need of some design magic.

Accent Your Fifth Wall

Bespoke Only
To add an intimate look to your living space, forget the floor and add wood paneling to your 5th wall—the ceiling. This concept is typically best reserved for taller spaces (with high ceilings) prone to receiving plenty of light. However, to offset the darkness a wooden ceiling may inject, keep your textiles and furniture pieces in cheery shades. Here, cream curtains help balance the dark paneling right above.

Add Cushy Brown Sofas

Will Brown Interiors
A brown upholstered sofa can easily create an earthy modern space that's also pet- and kid-friendly. And performance fabric or not, brown won’t show stains as easily as other colors. It's a reliable choice that will look good for years to come. Bonus points: brown sofas (especially leather ones) pair well with other patterns and colors.

Pick Brown Tiles

If you live in a warmer climate, pick a neutral brown tile for your flooring. And if you choose a porcelain tile, you'll definitely reap its benefits. Porcelain is typically slip-resistant and extremely strong, a great option for pet and kid-friendly spaces. If you’re not a fan of the traditional tile look, try wood plank tiles instead—tiles designed to look just like wood (but without the upkeep of natural wood).

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