8 Dining Rooms That Prove Rugs Are Worth the Spill Risk

While living rooms and bedrooms often feel bare without a rug underfoot, we often don't think twice about leaving rugs out of our dining rooms or kitchens. The common wisdom is that the land of spills, splatters, and red wine is not the place for fabric flooring. But, for the bold, a rug can take a dining room to the next level—and even change the feel of the entire space.
Whether it helps ground a design scheme, give a pop of color, or even provide a busy pattern to hide those inevitable spills, a rug can do so much for your dining area. And, good looks aside, a rug can even help create a true "dining area" in open floor plans.
Perhaps best of all, a rug offers an instant upgrade without having to paint walls or replace furniture. Need more convincing? Here are 15 dining rooms, ranging from classic to modern, with gorgeous rugs to inspire you.

An Impactful Runner

Dazy Den

When done right, a dining room rug can become the centerpiece of the room. Here, a striking runner creates a beautiful runway effect. While mirrors and plants provide sculptural elements, the color in the space comes from the bold combo of red, black, and orange in the rug.

Monochromatic Magic

House of Chais

By matching the rug to the chairs, this otherwise muted palette stands out. The texture in the white rug also makes it feel homey rather than industrial. For the very brave—or maybe just the white wine drinker—this is an easy way to may a big statement.

Same Shape

Blue Cooper Design

By mimicking the shape of the table, this circular rug helps create the feel of a dining room, even in a larger open floor plan. The natural materials of the rug also nicely compliment the light wood table, further adding to the pleasing symmetry in this little tableau.

Blue Dreams

Katherine Carter Designs


If you want to go beyond neutrals, it can help to tie the color of the rug to something else in the room. Often, this can come in the form of curtains or a piece of furniture. Here, however, the turquoise blue in the rug is echoed in a unique collection of blue glass bottles.

Chic Separator

Black and Blooms

A rug can also act as a separator between the dining area and the rest of the living area. While helping break up the space, this rug also lives in harmony with the rest of the room. Black accents throughout the room and on the rug really help ground the space.

Layered Cowhide

Blue Cooper Design

Who said you had to go with a rectangular rug? Here, layered cowhide creates a unique dining room rug. It gives an elevated, rustic vibe that's found elsewhere in the room.

Bold Beige

Lauren Brophy Interiors

Who says beige has to be boring? Here, the rug breaks up a space that makes use of rich, textured blacks, creating a clear spotlight for the center of the room: the table.

If you don't have black marble floors, you can still pull off this look. Buy a table and chairs to match the wood or carpet in your dining room, then offset it with a bold, monochromatic rug.

Unexpected Neutrals

Sarah Fultz Interiors

This quirky room is full of personality, even down to the rug. Beige and white stripes alternate in a kind of checkerboard pattern, making the otherwise muted palette feel unique. The pattern also makes it easier to downplay the dreaded stains on a risky lighter rug.

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