9 Dining Room Light Fixture Ideas You'll Want to Copy

When decorating our dining rooms, many of us focus on the big-ticket items like tables and chairs. But, these aren’t the only must-haves worth considering. Dining room light fixtures are just as necessary and can make a significant difference in your space—adding contrast, cohesion, or even a pop of show-stopping drama. So, don’t just stick with the dining room light fixtures you’ve inherited. Instead, spend some time thinking about what your space needs, and snag a fixture or a combination of fixtures that delivers it. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up 26 stunning dining rooms and light fixture ideas worth stealing from each of them.

Color-Coordinate Your Space

A dining room with a black chandelier, a matching black mirror, and matching black chairs
If you’re not sure which dining room light fixture to choose, start by taking a look at what you already have. Is the room filled with color-coordinated accent pieces? If so, consider picking a matching fixture. Echoing that accent color along your ceiling can be a quick and easy way to bring your space together.

Play With Scale

A dining room with a massive circular pendant lamp


Whenever you’re shopping for light fixtures, size is always a consideration. But remember that there’s no perfect ratio to shoot for. In fact, playing with scale—pairing an enormous fixture with a sleek dining room table—can be a fun way to add drama to your space.

Double Up

A dining room with a wooden table and two matching metal chandeliers
No one said you had to stick to just one chandelier. So, if you want to bring more light into your space, consider hanging two chandeliers, instead. You can mount the fixtures symmetrically over your table so that each illuminates one pair of chairs. This should make sure you have plenty of well-balanced light, and it should keep your space feeling cleanly designed, too.

air New With Old

A dining room with antique furniture and a contemporary lighting fixture
Add contrast to your dining room by pairing a sleek fixture with older furniture. You can exaggerate this contrast by pairing an obviously contemporary fixture with very ornate antique furniture. And you can use modern-yet-sophisticated accents—like sprawling abstract paintings—to add harmony to the striking combination.

Mount Lights Along Your Wall

A dining room lit with wall-mounted sconces
Ceiling-mounted lighting is a popular choice. But, if your dining room table is tucked away in a corner, you may be able to use wall mounted lighting, instead. Mount a row of sconces that span the length of your dining room table. Just make sure they jut out enough to offer you the light that you need.

Consider Color and Texture

A dining room with a white woven chandelier that complements the decor in the room
The shape of your light fixture isn’t the only thing worth considering. Its color and texture can have a big impact too, especially if they complement other pieces in your space. Take a look at the colors and textures you’re already working with, and consider choosing a light fixture that echoes them. An off-white woven chandelier may be the perfect pick for a dining room filled with off-white throws and a woven rug.

Mix and Match Your Pendants

A navy and white dining room lit with three coordinated (but slightly different) pendant lights
If you want to play with multiple light fixtures, layering pendant lights can be a great option. And remember, those pendant lights don’t have to match. By combining three pendant lights that look similar but just a little different, you can craft a space that feels dynamic but harmonious.

Drape Your Longest Lights

A dining room lit with draped industrial pendant lights
One easy way to DIY your own light fixture? Stock up on a few extra-long industrial lights, and drape them over hooks. This is a popular choice in industrial design, but you can make it work in just about any décor scheme. The hooks will allow you to customize the size and shape of your fixture, giving you a chandelier that’s unique to your space.

Add Contrast With a Chandelier

A dining room with rustic furniture and a glam chandelier
A glam chandelier may seem out of place in a rustic dining room, but it may be just the thing you need to bring your space together. Remember that lighting can add either contrast or cohesion, so consider which one your space needs, and snag an option that delivers it.

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