Bold and Beautiful Teal Bedroom Ideas For Your New House

The standard line of thinking for many a bedroom designs is this: bedrooms should be a refuge from the chaos of life (and the rest of the home).
Therefore, bedrooms should use calming, neutral colors to create this sense of refuge and relaxation. Bright or bold colors can be used, but only in very small amounts.
Sound familiar?
But what if we thought differently about bedrooms? Yes, they are a place of relaxation, but color alone does not determine how relaxing a bedroom is. Instead, it's often more personal, from the type of furniture we pick, to the coziness of the blankets we add, or the amount of afternoon light that streams in that come together to create a stronger feeling of relaxation.
With that in mind, it might be time to get creative with color in the bedroom. Enter: teal.
This blue-green hue can be used to dress a space up or down, works with plenty of styles in plenty of ways, and is, frankly, just a lot of fun. If you're considering adding teal to your bedroom, you've come to the right place. Keep reading to see 31 of our favorite teal bedroom ideas.

Make It Muted

muted teal bedroom ideas
Muted teal can bring in plenty of blue-green color, but with a softer touch. This relaxing hue works well in the bedroom, and can be used in all kinds of ways. Try it on your headboard or comforter in your own space.


Create a Color Block Wall

teal bedroom ideas colorblock

The unique look of teal makes it a great pick for a color blocked wall, like the one in the bedroom above from Emily Henderson. The contrasting off-white shows off the blue-green hue perfectly. But you can use other colors too—try a creamy yellow or warm orange.


Paint the Walls

teal bedroom ideas painted walls

One of the best ways to add teal to the bedroom is through a painted wall or two (or four). Painting a bedroom can be done in just a weekend, and it's a great way to revitalize or completely change a once-boring bedroom.


Go for Gray

teal bedroom ideas gray

Gray pairs nicely with nearly any color, including teal. Gray softens the bright edges of teal and creates a color combo suitable for the bedroom. To incorporate gray and teal in your own space, use this color pairing in throw pillows, bed linens, décor, or window coverings.

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