Ways to Carve Out a Home Office In Any Space

For many of us, working from home has become increasingly more common. And while you may not have much say in your corporate office's drab furniture, when you work from home you can create your perfect home office space. If you're lucky enough to have a room you can dedicate to a home office, the first step is to decide how to lay it out. Sure, you could just toss a desk in there and call it a day but if you want to make the most of your space, it's best to plan it out.
Whether you're going for a modern officce vibe or a serene space for your kids' remote learning, the right layout can create the ultimate feng shui and help ensure you are as productive as possible at home.
So where do you begin? We asked Amy Leferink, interior designer, to give us a few office layout ideas for every work-from-home setup.

The Office With Sleeper Sofa 

Office with clay wall
The Layout: This layout is perfect for those who have only one room to spare and don't want to sacrifice a guest space for a home office. "No need to dedicate an entire room to guests if you only have company a couple of times a year," says Leferink. "Having an office that doubles as a guest bedroom if necessary is a great option for those who have limited space."
The Desk: If you have room, consider putting the desk on the opposite wall to the sleeper sofa to create two dedicated spaces.
The Extras: Add throw pillows to both your office chair and the pullout sofa to help tie the room together and add an element of cohesiveness.

The Office With Bookcase 

Office with a bookcase
The Layout: "Uplevel your home office into a home library," Leferink. "By adding a bookcase or shelving you can tactfully store books and magazines while also turning your office into a reading sanctuary."
The Desk: In this space, the desk can either sit against a wall or float in the middle of the room to create a more elegant look and feel.
The Extras: If you need more storage space, consider adding a bookcase with hidden storage such as lower cabinetry or strategically arrange baskets to hide cords and such.

 The Office for Two Work-From-Home Adults

Home office with two desks
The Layout:  If you are sharing a work-from-home space with your significant other, make sure you both have dedicated workspaces. Either set up two desks next to each other or create an L-shaped design if you have enough room.
The Desk: The best desks in this space are streamlined and modern. Anything too bulky could overpower the room.
The Extras: Add a sitting chair or a few floor poufs in the corner if you are someone who likes to escape from the desk to boost your creativity in the middle of the night.

The Office With a Kids Play Area 

Kids work space at home
The Layout: Being a working parent can be difficult, especially when you both work and learn from home. In this layout, there's room for both an office desk as well as a small table so you can keep an eye on your kids while you're hard at work.
The Desk: The desk here is opposite the kids' play and learning area. This allows for enough separation to get work done while still keeping an eye on the kiddos.
The Extras: Consider artwork with a touch of whimsy to appeal to both the grownups and the kids. Vintage posters and maps are great to blend the two spaces together.

The Office for Kids

Kids office space
The Layout: Perhaps you're not working from home, but your kids are learning from home. In this case, consider a learning space that features both a desk area for homework and virtual learning as well as a table for arts and crafts. Consider a layout that works best for what your kids need each day.
The Desk: Decide if you need one or two desks and place them parallel to the kids' play area. Place a lounge chair between the two desks if you have space or add a few floor baskets for extra storage.
The Extras: A bookshelf filled with interactive toys and books is a great way to finish off the kids' office space and provide extra storage.

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